Veritas is a strategic marketing company that markets biotechnology products from around the world. In addition to reagents used for academic studies and products that assist clinical research, we also work on other areas such as ingredients for pharmaceutical and diagnostics industries, environmental testing-related products and IP licenses.

As a company that is positioned between suppliers abroad and domestic end users in Japan, Veritas obtains technical information swiftly by actively attending international academic conferences and regularly visiting suppliers to match the supply and demand of suppliers and users.
In addition, amid the progress of IT and intensified competition nowadays, we capture international and domestic business models and market trends so that we can develop strategies that can also be applied to the establishment and implementation of new business models that are not limited to business concepts that have been set.

Veritas is trusted by life sciences companies worldwide to market and sell their biological products in Japan. We represent suppliers from USA, Canada, Germany, England, Sweden, Italy, New Zealand, China, India, and other countries. Although our current areas of focus and expertise include hematology, immunology, microbiology and cell biology (including stem cell biology), the specific types of products we handle are diverse, and range from antibodies and ELISA kits, to primary cell-based products and specialized cell culture media, as well as to sophisticated scientific instruments and niche services.




As a trade company specializing in biotechnology, Veritas continually acquires knowledge on the market, culture and regulations in Japan. It will deliver the best solution for suppliers looking to expand into the Japanese market.
Veritas connects suppliers and end users in Japan through direct consultation and coordination that cannot be achieved through digital tools alone.



In addition to understanding the market, drawing up strategies, and running analyses, Veritas also provides consultations and coordination. The approaches it takes, however, are not the same for each project. Veritas individually customizes products with values according to user conditions and the content they handle in order to maximize those values. Veritas will provide high value-added services strategically and swiftly by selecting the optimal approach.


  • StrategicStrategic

    We create new markets for new and innovative products.
    Customer education and defining customer needs and solutions is often required to create the market for products that are truly new and innovative. We carry out sample trial and evaluation programs, seminars, on-site demonstrations or lab training in order to help our suppliers create the market for their cutting edge products.

    We distribute unique, technically sophisticated products versus “me too” products or commodities.
    The strong scientific and technical knowledge of our sales, marketing and technical support staff allows us to effectively represent complex and innovative products that are at the cutting edge of technology.

    We do not represent similar and competing products from multiple suppliers.
    We prefer to carry a unique portfolio of products that are complementary or synergistic. Unlike the situation that often occurs when larger distributors are used, our suppliers can be assured that their products will never be buried among hundreds of thousands of other products in phonebook-sized catalogs, nor will competing products be promoted to customers at the expense of their own.

  • SuperiorSuperior

    We are committed to providing excellent customer service and knowledgeable technical support.
    By focusing on quality versus quantity, we can maintain up-to-date knowledge and expertise on the product lines we represent. Our customers routinely draw upon this scientific knowledge and technical expertise, which has allowed us to build strong relationships and a loyal customer base. In addition, we always strive to meet our customers’ needs and exceed their expectations.

    We provide valuable feedback to suppliers to help them make new or improved products targeted for the Japanese market.
    By having researchers evaluate new products and giving the suppliers detailed feedback and new product requests, we have helped several suppliers improve their existing products or make new successful products that better fit the Japanese market’s needs.

  • SpeedySpeedy

    We set strategy, execute it, review it and improve upon it with our advanced scientific group and professional sales team, supported by our effective IT infrastructure, including web-based tools and a unique CRM system. We keep our actions fully transparent to our valued suppliers through close and frequent communication with them.


Research Tools and Reagent (Exclusive)

  • Accumol Inc.
    Since: 2013
    Country: Canada
    Product: PCR-based reagents for checking T cell/B cell purity for chimerism analysis
  • Agena Bioscience, Inc.
    Since: 2017
    Country: USA
    Product: Mass ARRAY System, iPLEX, UltraSEEK, Mass CLEAVE
  • AYOXXA Biosystems GmbH
    Since: 2018
    Country: Germany
    Product: Lunaris technology, Multiplex Protein Assay System & Reagents
  • Biolamina AB
    Since: 2010
    Country: Sweden
    Product: Recombinant Laminins
  • Celsis International BV (currently Charles River)
    Since: 2006
    Country: USA
    Product: Rapid Microbial Screening Method
  • Compass Biomedical, Inc.
    Since: 2013
    Country: USA
    Product: Cell Culture Plate and Bag for CD34+ Expansion
  • DNA Diagnostic AB
    Since: 2017
    Country: Denmark
    Product: Hema Vision
  • Dynal/Dynabeads Brand(currently Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.)
    Since: 1986
    Country: Norway (USA)
    Product: Invitrogen™ Dynabeads™ Products are superparamagnetic, monosized polymer particles that provide a solid-phase with liquid-phase kinetics. A wide range of bioreactive molecules can be adsorbed or coupled to the bead-surface for the magnetic separation/purification/isolation of biological materials (cells, proteins, nucleic acids etc).
  • FiberCell Systems Inc.
    Since: 2009
    Country: USA
    Product: Hollow Fiber Cell Culture System
  • International Specialty Products Inc. (currently ASHILAND Inc.)
    Since: 1994
    Country: USA
    Product: Unique, self-developing, ultra high resolution recording films for radiation dosimetry for patient safety and to the effectiveness of a range of medical procedures
  • Kingfisher Biotech Inc.
    Since: 2009
    Country: USA
    Product: Recombinant Proteins and Antibodies for Veterinary Research
  • LumiQuick Diagnostics, Inc.
    Since: 2017
    Country: USA
    Product: Quick Profile-3
  • Matrigen, LLC
    Since: 2011
    Country: USA
    Product: Softwell: It's like a Petri dish. Only to a cell, it's much softer.
  • One Lambda  (A Thermo Fisher Scientific Brand)
    Since: 1982
    Country: USA
    Products: HLA typing tests utilizing both serological and molecular technologies and comprehensive line of antibody detection products, together with laboratory instrumentation, and computer software
  • Panomics/QuantiGene Brand(currently Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.)
    Since: 2003
    Country: USA
    Product: ViewRNA ISH Assays, QuantiGene RNA Assays, ProcartaPlex Assays and PrimeFlow RNA Assays
  • Radix BioSolutions
    Since: 2008
    Country: USA
    Product: Assay Development Service for xMAP Technology and Others
  • SSI Diagnostica
    Since: 2002
    Country: Denmark
    Product: Products for Clinical Microbiology Research, Veterinary Research, Food Analysis and Environmental Control
  • STEMCELL Technologies, Inc.
    Since: 1994
    Country: Canada
    Product: Specialized cell culture media, cell separation reagents, and other products for the growth and evaluation of various types of stem cells and progenitor cells. Products also include a wide range of magnetic and non-magnetic cell separation products for stem cells, lymphocytes, and other cells types.
  • Streck Inc.
    Since: 2017
    Country: USA
    Product: Cell-Free DNA (cfDNA) BCT, Cell-Free RNA (cfRNA) BCT
  • Union Biometrica, Inc.
    Since: 2011
    Country: USA
    Product: Large Particle Flowcytometry (COPAS, BIOSORTER)
  • Waterborne, Inc.
    Since: 1996
    Country: USA
    Product: Fluorescent and other antibody products for use in isolation and detection of infectious waterborne protozoa

Research Tools and Reagent (Non-exclusive)

  • Amoy Diagnostics Co., Ltd.
  • BioIVT
  • Cureline, Inc.
  • Euro Diagnostica AB (currently Svar Life Science AB)
  • Luminex Corporation
  • Lumiquick Diagnostics Inc.
  • Tissue Solutions Ltd.
  • etc.

Bulk Material Products

Veritas works as an agent to many of the diagnostics kit manufacturers and pharmaceutical company research laboratories in Japan to source and import bulk products according to their requirements.
Magnetic beads and biologics (proteins) of all types are our major product lines.

Suppliers Include

  • Aalto Bio Reagents Ltd. (2018)
  • Access Biologicals LLC (2014)
  • Advance BioSource, LLC (2013)
  • Anteo Technologies Pty Ltd. (2015)
  • AROTEC Diagnostic A/S (2018)
  • Athens Research and Technology, Inc. (2013)
  • Bethyl Laboratories, Inc. (2013)
  • Biominis Sample Library (a part of Eurofins)
  • BiosPacific, Inc.
  • Bioventic Pic (2018)
  • Bovogen Biologicals Pty Ltd.
  • Cliniqa Corporation (1993)
  • Equitech-Bio, Inc. (2001)
  • Fitzgerald Industries International (2006)
  • Golden West Biologicals, Inc.
  • Immunology Consultants Laboratory, Inc. (2013)
  • In.vent Diagnostica GmbH (2013)
  • JR Scientific, Inc. (currently Mediatech, Inc.)
  • Lampire Biological Laboratories (2011)
  • Lee Bio Solutions
  • Meridian Life Science (2014)
  • Proliant Biologicals, LLC (2008)
  • ProNique Scientific, Inc. (2012)
  • Sep Mag Systems S.L (2013)
  • Yashraj Biotechnology Ltd. (2008)
  • ViroStat, Inc. (2011)
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