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Veritas has a network of over 130 sub-distributors. 10 major sub-distributors from each area are selected as “special partner distributors”, which we work with very closely and plan special marketing initiatives with. 
We are constantly educating our sub-distributors about our suppliers’ products, and we do our best to provide them with all the tools and ammunition they need to effectively raise customer interest in the products. Once that interest is established, they allow Veritas to interact with the customers directly, and we provide additional, more in-depth information and ongoing technical support. The staff of both our sales and our technical marketing departments work closely with our sub-distributors to gain the sale and keep the customer satisfied (for example a member of Veritas often accompanies a sub-distributor on customer visits to help them explain and learn about the products). Our model of working closely with our sub-distributors as valued partners and using their resources to full advantage is akin to an efficient “client-server” model, as opposed to the more traditional and cumbersome “mainframe” model commonly used by other Japanese distributors. We believe it is one of our strengths.