Conference and Seminar Reports


Report Updated Date Downroad
Report of JSHI 2017 2017 Nov PDF
Report of JACLaS EXPO 2017 2017 Oct PDF
The 2nd seminar of THINK Next Generation of Transfusion and Cell Therapy Testing Laboratory 2017 Sept PDF
Report of the First Seminar of Anti-HLA Antibody Detection in Liver and Lung Transplantation 2017 Aug PDF
Report of Summary of Micro SSP Workshop 2017 Apr PDF
Report of The 16th Congress of the Japanese Society for Regenerative Medicine 2017 Mar PDF
Report of The seminar on hematopoietic CFC-assay for drug safety and toxicitye 2017 Feb PDF
Report of JSHI 2016 2016 Oct PDF
Report of JACLaS Expo held in Yokohama 2016 Sept PDF
Report of Japanese Biochemical Meeting 2013 Sept PDF
Report of CAST-JST_2013 2013 Sept PDF
Report of JACLaS 2013 2013 Oct PDF
Report of ISSCR 2012 Yokohama 2012 Sept PDF
Report of the 3rd Veritas Science Seminar 2012 July PDF
Summary of "IVR Exposure Visualization Seminar" 2012 June PDF