Product Line

Veritas is trusted by life sciences companies worldwide to market and sell their biological products in Japan. We represent suppliers from USA, Canada, Germany, England, Sweden, Italy, New Zealand, China, India, and other countries. Although our current areas of focus and expertise include hematology, immunology, microbiology and cell biology (including stem cell biology), the specific types of products we handle are diverse, and range from antibodies and ELISA kits, to primary cell-based products and specialized cell culture media, as well as to sophisticated scientific instruments and niche services.

Last update:24-JAN-2017

Research Tools and Reagent (Exclusive.)


Since : 2013 
Country: Canada 
Product: PCR-based reagents for checking T cell / B cell purity for chimerism analysis.

Axiogenesis AG

Since : 2015 
Country: Germany 
Product: iPS Cell-Derived Cardiomyocytes

Branan Medical (Alere)

Since : 2001 
Country: USA
Products:Rapid, on-site drug and adulteration tests in urine and oral fluids.

Biolamina AB

Since : 2010 
Country: Sweden
Product: recombinant laminins

Celsis International BV (Charles River)

Since : 2006 
Country: USA 
Product: Rapid Microbial Screening method .

Compass Biomedical,Inc.

Since : 2013 
Country: USA 
Product: Cell culture Plate and Bag for CD34+ expansion

Dynal (Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc)

Since : 1986 
Country: Norway (USA) 
Product: Invitrogen™ Dynabeads™ Products are superparamagnetic, monosized polymer particles that provide a solid-phase with liquid-phase kinetics. A wide range of bioreactive molecules can be adsorbed or coupled to the bead-surface for the magnetic separation/purification/isolation of biological materials (cells, proteins, nucleic acids etc).

FiberCell Systems

Since : 2009 
Country: USA 
Product: Hollow Fiber cell culture system.

International Specialty Products Inc (ASHLAND)

Since : 1994 
Country : USA
Product: Unique, self-developing, ultra high resolution recording films for radiation dosimetry for patient safety and to the effectiveness of a range of medical procedures.

Kingfisher Biotech

Since : 2009 
Country: USA
Product: Recombinant proteins and antibodies for veterinary research

Matrigen, LLC.

Since : 2011 
Country: USA
Product: Softwell: It's like a Petri dish. Only to a cell, it's much softer.

One Lambda (Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.)

Since : 1982 
Country: USA
Products: HLA typing tests utilizing both serological and molecular technologies and comprehensive line of antibody detection products, together with laboratory instrumentation, and computer software.

Panomics, eBioscience (Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc)

Since : 2003 
Country: USA
Product: ViewRNA ISH Assays, QuantiGene RNA Assays, ProcartaPlex Assays and PrimeFlow RNA Assays

Pressure BioSciences, Inc

Since : 2005 
Country: USA
Product: Pressure cycling technology in the area of sample preparation for genomic, proteomic, and small molecule studies

Radix BioSolutions

Since : 2008 
Country: USA 
Product: Assay development service for xMAP technology and others.

Statens Serum Institut:

Since : 2002 
Country: Denmark
Product: Products for clinical microbiology research, veterinary research, food analysis and environmental control.

STEMCELL Technologies, Inc.

Since : 1994 
Country: Canada
Product: Specialized cell culture media, cell separation reagents, and other products for the growth and evaluation of various types of stem cells and progenitor cells. Products also include a wide range of magnetic and non-magnetic cell separation products for stem cells, lymphocytes, and other cells types.

Union Biometrica, Inc

Since : 2011 
Country: USA
Product: Large Particle Flowcytometry (COPAS, BIOSORTER)

Waterborne, Inc.

Since : 1996 
Country: USA
Product: Fluorescent and other antibody products for use in isolation and detection of infectious waterborne protozoa

Research Tools and Reagent (Non exclusive)

AllCells LLC
Amoy Diagnostics
Conexio Genomics
Euro Diagnostica AB
Innogenetics(Fujirebio Europe)
Luminex Corporation
Lumiquick Diagnostics Inc
Randox Laboratories
Tissue Solutions