Product Line

Bulk Material Products

VERITAS works as an agent to many of the diagnostics kit manufacturers and pharmaceutical company research laboratories in Japan to source and import bulk products according to their requirements.
Magnetic beads and biologics (proteins) of all types are our major product lines.


Suppliers Include:

Access Biologicals LLC(2014)

Anteo Technologies Pty Ltd (2015)

Athens Research and Technology, Inc. (2013)
Advance BioSource (2013)
Bethyl Laboratories, Inc.(2013)
BiosPacific, Inc.
Bovogen Biologicals Pty Ltd
Cliniqa Corporation(1993)
Fapon Biotech(2014)
Fitzgerald Industries International(2006)
Golden West Biologicals, Inc.
Immunology Consultants Laboratory, Inc.(2013)
In. vent(2013)
J R Scientific(1991)
Lampire Biological Laboratories(2011)
Lee Bio Solutions
Meridian Life Science(2014)
Proliant Biologicals(2008)
ProNique Scientific, Inc(2012)
Yashraj Biotech(2008)
ViroStat, Inc(2011)