Partnering with Veritas

What to Expect

When you first contact Veritas about the possibility of distributing your products in Japan, you will be put in touch with one of our PhD-level business development professionals. They will review your website and other product information and then ask you any questions they may have about your products and underlying technology. They will quickly be able to determine whether or not your products would fit well within our portfolio and if we would be able to represent them well in Japan. You may also have some questions about us that this website has not answered, and they will do their best to answer them. If, after this short period of getting acquainted with each other, both our companies come to the conclusion that we would like to work together, we are then happy to send you a copy of our standard distribution agreement template for your review, or, if you prefer, to review your own agreement. We try to keep the agreements and negotiations as straightforward and short as possible. One thing we do prefer, however, is an exclusive relationship. This is because we put a considerable investment into the generation of new technical marketing materials and training our technical support staff so that they can provide the best possible support for your products. In most non-exclusive relationships, this level of investment is not usually warranted and therefore each of the customer, supplier and distributor ultimately suffer. Non-exclusive relationships are more suited to commodities, “me too” products and product lines that are not technically demanding, where multiple distributors compete against each other (or even themselves when they represent competing companies) for sales.


Once the distribution agreement is executed, we will immediately get to work in translating your product and technical information into Japanese. Depending upon the complexity of your products’ underlying technology, we may also want to send representatives to your facility for hands-on training as early in the relationship as possible. We will immediately send out notification of our distributorship and a description of your products to our database of over 20000 customers and contacts by email, followed by the initial Japanese language marketing materials by mail as soon as they are available. We will also immediately begin the process of educating our own technical sales representatives and the sales agents in our sub-distribution network about your products and their applications. Your technical support staff can expect a lot of questions from ours over the next few weeks and months, as we educate ourselves on your products and technologies and start to field questions from your new Japanese customers. If you don’t hear from us, we’re not doing our job. The frequency of our questions will eventually decrease, but we will still contact your in-house experts from time to time when we receive unusual questions or requests from customers.