The VERITAS Approach


Relationship with Suppliers

When a supplier chooses Veritas as their Japanese distributor, they place their trust in us to represent their company and their products professionally and honorably. We fully understand and appreciate this and we take this responsibility very seriously. By always acting with the highest level of integrity, professionalism and respect, we have built very strong relationships with all of our suppliers, many of which we have enjoyed working with for many years. Some other things we do to keep our relationships with our suppliers strong include:

We also see ourselves as the coordinator of a three-way relationship between us, the supplier, and the final customer or end user. Although we do our best to become knowledgeable about our suppliers’ products, the fact is that the ultimate expertise resides within the suppliers’ organization itself. Unlike many distributors that guard the identity of their customers and keep this information from the suppliers, we believe that the customer is best served by allowing them direct access to the suppliers’ expertise whenever appropriate. Rather than keeping the customer and the supplier apart, we actively promote their interaction whenever the situation calls for it. This openness, which is achieved through relationships built upon trust and mutual respect, is a hallmark of Veritas’ approach to business.