The VERITAS Approach



Veritas has a unique but straightforward approach to our business that sets us apart from other Japanese life science product distributors, particularly the larger ones that have hundreds of thousands of products in their catalogs.

We distribute unique, technically sophisticated products versus “me too” products or commodities.

The strong scientific and technical knowledge of our sales, marketing and technical support staff allows us to effectively represent complex and innovative products that are at the cutting edge of technology.

We are committed to providing excellent customer service and knowledgeable technical support.

By focusing on quality versus quantity, we can maintain up-to-date knowledge and expertise on the product lines we represent. Our customers routinely draw upon this scientific knowledge and technical expertise, which has allowed us to build strong relationships and a loyal customer base. In addition, we always strive to meet our customers’ needs and exceed their expectations.

We do not represent similar and competing products from multiple suppliers.

We prefer to carry a unique portfolio of products that are complementary or synergistic. Unlike the situation that often occurs when larger distributors are used, our suppliers can be assured that their products will never be buried among hundreds of thousands of other products in phonebook-sized catalogs, nor will competing products be promoted to customers at the expense of their own.

We create new markets for new and innovative products.

Customer education and defining customer needs and solutions is often required to create the market for products that are truly new and innovative. We carry out sample trial and evaluation programs, seminars, on-site demonstrations or lab training in order to help our suppliers create the market for their cutting edge products.

We provide valuable feedback to suppliers to help them make new or improved products targeted for the Japanese market.

By having researchers evaluate new products and giving the suppliers detailed feedback and new product requests, we have helped several suppliers improve their existing products or make new successful products that better fit the Japanese market’s needs.