The VERITAS Approach


The VERITAS Approach

VERITAS, a strategic marketing company, is committed to leveraging our highly sophisticated infrastructure and very skilled staff to introduce biotechnology products from all over the world into Japan. Our product range and expertise encompasses research reagents for academia, in vitro diagnostic products for hospitals, raw materials for pharmaceuticals and IVD industries, environmental testing and IP licensing.


We create new markets for new and innovative products.
We distribute unique, technically sophisticated products versus "me too" products or commodities.
We do not represent similar and competing products from multiple suppliers.


We are committed to providing excellent customer service and knowledgeable technical support.
We provide valuable feedback to suppliers to help them make new or improved products targeted for the Japanese market.


We set strategy, execute it, review it and improve upon it with our advanced scientific group and professional sales team, supported by our effective IT infrastructure, including web-based tools and a unique CRM system. We keep our actions fully transparent to our valued suppliers through close and frequent communication with them.