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Location and facilities

Veritas' head office and main distribution facility is conveniently located in the Hamamatsucho Minato-ku district of Tokyo. From this central location our technical sales and marketing personnel can make frequent day trips and access virtually all areas of Japan by plane or fast train. Our location also ensures efficient next-day product delivery to customers throughout Japan.
Our warehousing and distribution facility has been ISO 9001 certified since 2006. The product lines we handle have diverse storage and shipping requirements, and we provide state-of-the-art alarm-monitored cold rooms and freezers that ensure the appropriate conditions are always maintained, whether they be -80℃ or +5℃. We also have Cryopreservation tank to safely store cell-based products and other biologics. Products stored at room temperature are stored in good condition under ISO control either at our main facility or in a large contracted warehouse.
Veritas also maintains its own laboratory facility. This is used to provide hands-on training on our products to our technical sales and support staff, and to provide quality control and verification tests in the case of customer complaints. Many of our customers also make use of certain specialized equipment and instruments in our laboratory (e.g. Luminex platform, etc.) to perform their own experiments. This unique service allows them to make use of products and technologies from time to time that they otherwise would not be able to, due to capital equipment costs that cannot be justified by infrequent users.


Name : Veritas Corporation
Location : Sumitomo Higashi-Shinbashi Bldg. No.3, 5th Floor, 1-10-14 Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0013, Japan
TEL +81-3-5776-0078
FAX +81-3-5776-0076
URL http://www.veritastk.co.jp
E-Mail veritas@veritastk.co.jp
Established : 1972/October
Paid Capital : ¥10,000,000
President : Shinsaku Iida
Our Service : Strategic marketing company to introduce Biotechnology Products
Certification : ISO9001 (2006/10/4)
Registration &
Authorization :

Registration for poisonous and deleterious substances importer
Registration for poisonous and deleterious substances dealer
Third-class Medical Device Marketing Authorization Holder
Our Customers : University Hospital & Laboratories
National Hospitals & Laboratories
National Institutes
Pharmaceutical Companies