About us


Research and Development Division

We always explore new businesses with advanced technology and products through our own global network. We are making efforts to introduce new products that fit the market needs by understanding suppliers' concepts correctly as well as customer feedback on their requirements.


Technical Marketing Division

We not only reply to customer inquiries in a quick and precise manner, fully utilizing our technical and other extensive knowledge on our products, we also propose new ideas to our customers. We are intent on improving customer satisfaction by demonstrating products in our laboratory, giving information through workshops, and delivering feedback to the suppliers.


Sales & Marketing Division

We provide unique and innovative products from the five focus areas - Clinical research, Academia, Drug development, Environmental microbiology, and Specialty products – for the Japanese market through our special marketing techniques. We deliver appropriate products to the users through periodic contacts with users and close communications with our sub-distributors.


Intellectual Property and

Information Technology Division
We maintain a secure customer management system, sales management system, product management system and web services and prevent damage due to leakage and loss of data. We also collect and analyze these data to establish our sales and marketing plans and to distribute our e-mail and direct mail.


Customer Service Division

Our Customer Service Division is in charge of importing, storing and shipping the more than 10,000 different products from suppliers from North America, Europe and other regions around the world. We have specialized storage facilities such as Cryopreservation tank and deep freezers and we deliver our products to our customers without degradation of quality through strict inspections and by ensuring that product-appropriate storage and packing is utilized. (ISO9001: Approved in 2006)


General Affairs Division

We ensure accurate and efficient financial management, resulting in a level of cash flow and solvency that is highly trusted by our many suppliers and often praised. We also plan and implement education and training programs to foster the human resources that support our global network.