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Message from the President

We offer cutting edge bioscience technologies from around the world

The 21st century has been called the era of biotechnology. The various discoveries in physics during the 20th century that built our "information society" made the world a smaller place. One can get necessary information instantly from websites on the Internet. However, it is not so easy to understand the full value of complex cutting-edge technology completely and correctly in order to really master it. What is very important, both for manufacturers and users of technology-based products, is an information and education service through which users can grasp the product's full features and the developer's intent behind them, and manufacturers can effectively demonstrate the utility and value of their products. Veritas takes the concepts and features of a supplier's products, keeping the developer's intent in mind, and presents them in the most understandable forms to Japanese customers, who can use the products - backed up by our marketing strategies, technical support, education, and corporate policies - with assurance. The end-user feedback to our detailed customer service is communicated to the manufacturers, who can then make further improvements, and increase the value of the products. Our vision is that by growing and managing our technology-centered network in a sincere and genuine manner, we can help to create a relationship of understanding between people, so that people all around the world can grow to trust each other through effective scientific collaborations and sharing of the latest technologies. It is our hope that this increased trust and collaboration will be for the benefit of all mankind.