About us


Veritas is committed to giving back to our community and making a positive contribution to Japanese society.
We actively and enthusiastically support the following groups and organizations.


Friends of Leukemia Research Fund
(Nonprofit Organization)

The nonprofit organization, Friends of Leukemia Research Fund, was founded to help eradicate leukemia by supporting leukemia research funds around the world. Leukemia, which used to be regarded a fatal disease, has now become a treatable disease and more and more patients' lives have been saved by advances in medical science. However, it is still a life-threatening disease and patients have to undergo strenuous treatment with severe side effects and strict physical management that healthy people can't imagine. About half of the cases of pediatric cancer involve leukemia, and we believe that babies who have been separated from their mothers and are fighting this disease in a sterile room deserve our best efforts. Elderly patients with leukemia are waiting for new therapies while they are fighting this disease while waiting to see how things turn out, because they cannot physically tolerate harsh treatments. At this very moment, hundreds of thousands of leukemia patients around the world are fighting the disease, and at the same time enthusiastic researchers are working on their research activities to eradicate leukemia. Veritas fully supports the activities of Friends of Leukemia Research Fund by volunteer activities, financial contributions and public relations.


(Tokyo Ota City vocational aid center for persons with intellectual disabilities)

Four people staying at Kusunoki-en, which is operated by the Tokyo Parents' Association for Intellectual Disabilities Inc. and provides accommodation to persons with intellectual disabilities over 18 years old, visit our company once every month to work on light duty. Everyone from Kusunoki-en is very cheerful and skillful. They perform such work as packing materials for product packages and putting large numbers of mail articles into envelopes. They have been working at our company since 1994 and play an important role in our business operations as indispensable members.

Tomonobu Imamichi Institute for Eco-ethica
(Copenhagen, Denmark)

Veritas financialy supports Tomonobu Imamichi Institute for Eco-ethica. We realize that new ethics and innovative ideas are required for the 21st century, where technology has become part of the environment.